Creating training programs

SIGMA DATA CENTER can be used to create the broadest range of customized training programs, each tailored to your specific training level. The programs can be saved in
SIGMA DATA CENTER, modified at any time and easily transferred to the RC MOVE.

Training programs for download

> Running training for beginners
> Interval training for advanced
> Pyramide training

Einstellen von Trainingsprogrammen


The dongle provided connects the RC MOVE to the SIGMA DATA CENTER on a PC or Mac.

Simply open the DATA CENTER, connect the dongle to the computer’s USB port, and switch the RC MOVE to PC mode. The watch and the DATA CENTER will connect in a matter of seconds. An active connection is indicated on the RC MOVE by the word ‘Connected’ and on the DATA CENTER screen by the name RC MOVE being displayed in green.

Erstellen von Trainingsprogrammen über das SIGMA DATA CENTER

Step by Step to a new training program

1) Creating a new training program

Training aufsetzen

Open the DATA CENTER, click RC MOVE and select ‘Training program’. Now click ‘Create new’ in the menu at the top right and enter a name for the new training program. Next, double click to open the training program.

2) Configuring the phases

Phasen ergänzen

You can now start to configure the first phase. The various configuration options can be selected in the right-hand column and each phase can be named. Additional phases can be added by clicking ‘Add phase’.

3) Transferring the training program

Konfigurieren und Fertigstellen

Once the training program has been fully created, connect the RC MOVE to the DATA CENTER and click ‘Transfer to device’ in the menu. The training program is now transferred to the RC MOVE.

4) Starting the training program

Training übertragen

To start the training program on the RC MOVE, press ENTER, go to the Training menu, followed by ENTER to confirm. Press the TOGGLE button to switch to ‘PROGRAM’ and press ENTER to confirm. Press the START button to start the training program.