App management via the watch

Convenience at its best. If the app and RC MOVE are connected, you can control your entire training session using the watch on your wrist – while keeping your phone tucked safely away in your pocket. Simply press the large Start button in the middle of the RC MOVE and start training. Press the Start button again while training to add manual laps. Press the Stop button on the top left to pause the recording and again to end the training session and save it to the iPhone app. All commands are voice confirmed.

Steuern der App 
über die Uhr

Lap and Auto-Lap

Automatic laps can be set to record based on time or distance. You can also set different targets for each training mode app (e.g. running, cycling or MTB). The data recorded during these laps is simultaneously visible on the RC MOVE.

Press the Start/Lap button to add a manual lap at any time.


View the values

During the training session, the RC MOVE displays all of the data that the SIGMA MOVE app records on the iPhone.

You can view all of your heart rate, speed, distance, or training time statistics by pressing the buttons on the watch.

“Werte einsehen”
“Werte einsehen”

Automatic voice announcement of the values

The voice announcement after each lap can be individualized within the app from a list of the seven most important training values.



The training details that are announced during the training session are set under ‘Audio’ in the SIGMA MOVE app settings menu. For each activity, you can choose different announcements and different auto lap settings. Laps can also be recorded manually. And the voice announcement can be turned off entirely. Voice Coach

Lieblingsmusik immer dabei

Enjoy your favorite music
at all times

Simply select your favorite playlist in the app and control it via the RC MOVE.

How it works:

1. Load the playlist

Select the desired playlist in the app’s music view.

2. Play the playlist

The music starts to play when you press play.

3. Pause the playlist

Press the Pause button to pause the playlist at any time.

4. Change songs

Use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ functions to change songs.