Technology & functions

SIGMA SPORT’s R1 BLUE sensor transmits heart rate via energy-saving Bluetooth® SMART technology. This enables the R1 BLUE to communicate with multiple smartphones, computers and sports devices. The RC MOVE, the SIGMA MOVE app, and all other sport apps that support Bluetooth® SMART READY technology and use heart rate data can display the R1 BLUE’s values.

The R1 BLUE ensures the heart beats are precisely recorded with a measuring range of 30 to 240 beats per minute. The RR intervals in milliseconds for determining the heart rate variability, the device information, and the battery status are also transmitted. The battery compartment can be opened using a coin, making it easy to replace the standard CR 2032 button cell battery.
The R1 BLUE can withstand a static water pressure of 3 ATM for a limited period, making it ideal for most sporting activities.

R1 - Technologie & Funktionen

The inside track: how to put on the chest belt

  • R1 - Technologie & Funktionen - R1 Brustgurt befeuchten

    Moisten the chest belt

    Before putting on the chest belt, please moisten the contact points.

  • R1 - Technologie & Funktionen - R1 Brustgurt anlegen

    Put on the chest belt

    After moistening the chest belt, put it on just below your chest. The belt should be relatively tight but not dig in.

  • R1 - Technologie & Funktionen - Sender anbringen

    Attach the transmitter

    Now clip the transmitter onto the chest belt.

  • R1 - Technologie & Funktionen - RC MOVE zeigt HF

    The heart rate is displayed

    Your current heart rate appears on the watch.

  • R1 - Technologie & Funktionen - Gesamtbild


    The chest belt is fitted correctly and your training session can begin.