Total values

The Memory menu within the RC MOVE can be used to view all training statistics recorded by the watch. This includes statistics for the week and month, total values and even individual training sessions. The values are transmitted to SIGMA DATA CENTER using the SIGMA wireless dongle. They can then be saved and analyzed in detail.


EKG accurate

Weitere Funktionen - EKG-Genau

The heart rate recorded using the R1 Blue Comfortex+ chest belt is EKG accurate making it a reliable tool for controlling your training.

Calorie counter


Your calorie consumption is calculated and displayed during each training session based on your personal details, heart rate and training time.

Alarm clock


Just like conventional watches, the RC MOVE can be used as an alarm clock with several programmable alarm functions.


Additional functions

  • Weitere Funktionen - Wasserdicht


    The RC MOVE is watertight and can be used when swimming*.

    Weitere Funktionen - Wasserdicht

    *excluding the heart rate

  • Weitere Funktionen - Batterieanzeige

    Battery status indicator

    The RC MOVE provides a timely warning once the battery capacity becomes low.

  • Weitere Funktionen - Tastensperre

    Button lock

    The button lock is another practical function that prevents the watch from being accidentally started. It can be disabled with a simple press of a button.

  • Volltextanzeige

    Full text display

    All functions are displayed in full text, making them self-explanatory and recognizable at a glance. Choose from five different languages.

  • Displaybeleutung

    Display backlight

    If the light mode is enabled, the backlight illuminates for three seconds each time you press a button. This makes the RC MOVE useable at dusk or during the night!

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